The Baden Powell Water Activities Centre (BPWAC) complies with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

Lawful, fair and transparent.

Your email address will only be held by us for one year and will only be shared when required by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA). All other personal date will be destroyed after successfully completing the course. This statement must appear on all course joining instructions.

Purpose limitations

The completed Joining instructions will only be held until the student has successfully completed the course. The email address may only be used for sending out our course information and will not be shared with any other organisation. Instructor information will only be used to ensure qualifications and training are maintained to current standards.

Data minimisation

The data collected and held is kept to the minimum required to run courses safely and to the standards required by the RYA.


The data collected will be accurate and kept up to date.

Storage limitations

Data will only be held to run the centre correctly and destroyed in accordance with GDPR. On successful completion of Power Boat level 2 course your name, contact details, date of birth, Certificate number and date of issue will be shared with the RYA through a secure web portal on The data will be stored on the RYA’s central database. This information allows the RYA to record your qualification, to update any records they may hold for you and at verify or replace your certificate if required. For further information on how the RYA will deal with your data, please see the RYA’s privacy policy at On successful completion of your sailing, power boat level one and safety boat courses only your name and certificate number and date of issue will be stored for up to seven years. This information allows us to verify or replace your certificate if required. Instructor information will be kept in the form of a spread sheet detailing qualifications and expiry dates.  

Integrity and confidentially

The RYA may contact students when this is necessary for quality assurance of RYA training, for example in the investigation of a complaint or incident. In these instances, the information is used solely for the requested purpose and is not entered on to the RYA’s central database. The data held by BPWAC is stored in secure files.